CROWDSOURCING AND GEOPROCESSING AS A SUPPORT TO THE ELABORATION OF GEOTOURISTIC ROUTES / Crowdsourcing e Geoprocessamento como Suporte para a Elaboração de Roteiros Geoturísticos

Ítalo Sousa de Sena, Pedro Benedito Casagrande, Nicole Andrade da Rocha, Bráulio Magalhães Fonseca, Úrsula Ruchkys


Geotourism presents itself as an important mechanism of valorization and conservation of the geological heritage. However, for the activity to be effective, it is necessary to analyze the context of the landscape in which it is intended to establish this kind of activity. For this, spatial analysis techniques have been implemented in the context of geodiversity and geological heritage studies, in order to provide an integrated understanding of the territory, highlighting those aspects related to tourism. Although, this research has used geoprocessing techniques attached with data from social media, through crowdsourcing, to raise the potential of the Serra da Calçada Natural Monument for geotourism. In addition, a guide was proposed for the area, highlighting the aspects of the behavior for tourists as the geological and the local heritage.


Geodiversity; Multi-Criteria Analysis; Visualization; Crowdsourcing; Social Media

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