WEB SERVICES FOR BIG EARTH OBSERVATION DATA / Serviços Web para Grandes Dados de Observação da Terra

Lubia Vinhas, Gilberto Ribeiro de Queiroz, Karine Reis Ferreira, Gilberto Camara


The aim of geospatial web services is to enable users to share and process geospatial data on the Web, no matter what platform or protocol is used. In this paper, we investigate what the design decisions needed to implement web services for big Earth observation (EO) data are. The focus of the work is discussing what is unique about big EO data and why current standards are unsuitable for big EO data analytics. Instead, simpler APIs can be more eff ective for accessing big EO data than generic services such as WMS and WCS, especially for data analytics. We support this viewpoint by describing the WTSS - Web Time Series Service - that off ers time series of remote sensing data using a simple API and is suited for big data analytics.

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