ACCESSIBILITY AND FLOOD RISK SPATIAL INDICATORS AS MEASURES OF VULNERABILITY / Indicadores Espaciais de Acessibilidade e Risco de Inundação como Medidas de Vulnerabilidade

Juliana Siqueira-Gay, Mariana Abrantes Giannotti, Diego Bogado Tomasiello


Based on the recent literature relating transport service level and social exclusion, as well as perceptions about the capacity of the population to cope with the occurrence of fl ood events, this paper identifi ed the spatial pattern related to fl ood risk and accessibility to urban facilities. For that, composite spatial indicator is developed and compared with socioeconomic data. The analysis shows the outskirts of the city with the most vulnerable places, with high levels of fl ood risk and low levels of accessibility. Those regions with low level of accessibility and close to fl ood prone areas are characterized by low income level as well as the low percentage of residents with sewage system.

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