DISTSENSING: A NEW PLATFORM FOR TIME SERIES PROCESSING IN A DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT / DistSensing: Uma nova Plataforma para o Processamento de Séries Temporais em um Ambiente Computacional Distribuído

Sávio Salvarino Teles de Oliveira, Marcelo de Castro Cardoso, Wisllay dos Santos, Paulo Costa, Vagner José do Sacramento Rodrigues, Wellington Santos Martins


Time series analysis of remote sensing images are indispensable in identifying patterns, trends and changes, and allows the modeling and prediction of events on Earth’s surface. For applications with large volumes of data, this analysis should be done in an automated way allowing spatio-temporal fi ltering in the image database. This paper proposes a new platform, DistSensing, to process these analysis using spatial and relational distributed indices. The DistSensing platform had better performance than the solutions found in the literature when it is necessary run queries in the database using temporal and spatial fi lters.

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