BIG DATA STREAMING FOR REMOTE SENSING TIME SERIES ANALYTICS USING MAPREDUCE / Fluxo de Grande Quantidade de Dados para Análise de Séries Temporais de Sensoriamento Remoto usando MapReduce

Luiz Fernando Ferreira Gomes de Assis, Gilberto Ribeiro de Queiroz, Karine Reis Ferreira, Lúbia Vinhas, Eduardo Llapa, Alber Ipia Sanchez, Victor Maus, Gilberto Câmara


Governmental agencies provide a large and open set of satellite imagery that can be used to track changes in geographic features over time. The current available analysis methods are complex and they are very demanding in terms of computing capabilities. Hence, scientist cannot reproduce analytic results because of lack of computing infrastructure. Therefore, we propose a combination of streaming and map-reduce for analysis of time series data. We tested our proposal by applying the break detection algorithm BFAST to MODIS imagery. Then, we evaluated computing performance and requirements quality attributes. Our results revealed that the combination between Hadoop and R can handle complex analysis of remote sensing time series.

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