NSDI-COMPLIANT REFERENCE MAP: EXPERIENCES ON IMPLEMENTING A STANDARDIZED DATA MODELING AT LARGE SCALE (1:2000) / Mapa de Referência Compatível com a INDE: Experiências na Implementação de Modelagem de Dados Padronizada em Grande Escala (1:2000)

Vitor Silva Araujo, Claudia Robbi Sluter, Silvana Camboim


Standardized urban maps are essential cartographic products to address the challenges of cities management. Brazilian NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructure) was created to facilitate geospatial data sharing and use, but its standards are not completely adapted for large scale mapping for urban areas. This work aims to propose a data models based on the existent standards to support the generation of reference maps at a large scale (1:2,000) that is logically consistent, standardized and aligned to the principles of the theory of Cartography. These characteristics allow the reference geodatabase to be maintained by several producers and shared among institutions. The results of this project are the geospatial database implemented for four municipalities in Paraná State, and a conversion model that enables the creation of topographic maps on a large scale with symbols defi ned in previous research.


NSDI, data model, large scale topographic mapping

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